Saturday, November 28, 2015

Flying with kids - a collection of travel tips for the holidays

The holiday season is upon us, and anyone who has traveled by plane - with or without kids - during this busy season knows it can be a challenge. Long lineups, weather related delays, and security concerns can all end up turning your holidays into a stressful ordeal. I'm sharing several links to some of my gathered travel advice and travel experiences over the years, but my number one tip is this:
  • Give yourself enough time. Arrive earlier than you think necessary at the airport. It's a lot better to be bored and have to spend time at the gate or sitting in a play area in the airport, than to run frantically to make it to your departure gate!

And in case you're looking for a way to brighten up your time on board:
And if you're looking for some gifts for the traveling people in your life:

And in case you end up delayed at the airport, here are a couple of posts with tips and advice:
Finally, whatever happens on board or at the airport, if your kids are driving you nuts, or if you're driving your kids nuts, or if your flight is stuck on the tarmac, or indefinitely delayed because of snow, fog, ice, rain, strikes, technical problems, or whatever else... try to take care of yourself and your family and not stress yourself out too much. Remember:

 Happy travels this holiday season, and may all your flights be on time!

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  1. Great advice, we usually run out of time while being on the preparations. Anyway thank you for this beautiful post


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