Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dream on: flat-beds and cots

Delta announced recently that they will expand the number of flat-beds on their airplanes. All in business and first class of course. Looking at the picture, the beds look quite science-fiction-y, reminiscent of the hyper-sleep pods seen in so many movies. They also look really comfy.

But no, so far no airline has announced flat-beds on board for everyone seated in Economy class. So unless you snag a bed-seat in business class, or unless you are an infant who lucks out and gets a bassinet on board, you will still be sitting up in your slightly reclining seat, trying to stretch your limbs without injuring or annoying others.

I've mentioned bassinets, or cots, for infants before in this blog. If you are traveling with a child under age two, and you are going on a long flight, do ask the airline about the availability of bassinets. On KLM's website, they have this to say about bassinets, or carrycots:
Carrycots can be reserved for babies on intercontinental flights. These are suitable for babies who are no longer than 65 cm and weigh no more than 10 kg on the day of the trip.
Lufthansa's rules are a bit different:
On Lufthansa long-haul flights special baby cots are available. Please be aware that the number of seats with cots is limited. The bassinets are suitable for babies up to 14 kg and up to 83 cm in length and are provided free of charge. Night flights are especially suitable for journeys with small children because children can then maintain their usual sleep pattern and get some rest.
Not all airlines provide cots, they're not available on all flights, and only a limited number can be accommodate on each airplane, but it is an amazing perk if you can get it. Your baby gets a bed to sleep in, and you get your hands free. Even better: they usually don't cost anything extra. Talk about win-win!

In my dream world, there would be beds for everyone on long-haul flights. I wouldn't even need a fancy flat-bed like the ones in the press-release above, I'd make do with a narrow bunk bed for one of our nine hour flights from Vancouver, Canada to Europe, or just a seat that reclined properly. Just imagine it: laying down, eating your meal off a bed-tray (like in the hospital maybe?), watching TV and movies, and then drifting off to sleep without your legs being jammed into the seat in front of you...

Yes, it's a silly idea. Not going to happen. But I can dream, can't I?

Flat-beds on board available thanks to Delta Airlines.

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