Sunday, May 22, 2011

5 great forest-y hikes with kids in & around Vancouver

May 22, 2011 is International Day of Biodiversity, and since this is also the International Year of Forests, forest biodiversity is the big theme. My family is going to use this somewhat off-beat, lesser-known international event as an excuse to go for a hike in the woods, rain or shine.

Not that we really need an excuse. My kids love hiking, and they love the woods. There's just something about the forest that makes me and them feel good.

There are lots of great places around Vancouver for hiking, but these five are some of our favorite forest-hikes. All are easy enough to do even with young kids, and on some you can even bring a stroller along.

1. Lynn Canyon - Located in North Vancouver, this park offers several trails, a suspension bridge, and some very cool river scenery. There are lots of boardwalks for kids to stomp on and pretend there are trolls hiding underneath... Not stroller friendly, but bring a baby-carrier and you're all set.

2. Lynn Headwaters - This park is not far from Lynn Canyon in North Vancouver and is maybe my favorite hike around Vancouver. You can walk the easier, lower trail along the river with a stroller, no problem. If you and your kids are ready for something a bit longer and more challenging, you can do the loop trail. Beautiful river scenery. Some steep hills, but nothing to crazy.

3. Beaver Lake - If you're in Stanley Park, head into the woods and follow the trails for Beaver Lake. Very easy walking for kids, adults and strollers. Lots of squirrels and birds and trees to see.

4. Minnekhada Provincial Park - This is a bit of a drive from Vancouver since it's out in Coquitlam. Not stroller friendly, but a gorgeous place to visit. The trails are fairly easy for kids, and the scenery around the lake is fantastic. Some nice lookout spots from the high points on the trails.

5. Golden Ears Provincial Park - The park is located a ways out of Vancouver, but it's worth the drive. Alouette Lake has a popular camp-site and there are lots of water activities and facilities here in the summer. Great scenery and some very nice trails.


  1. If you ever come to Costa Rica, you must do the Rio Celeste Hike, its amazing!

    1. Absolutely! Love insider travel tips! Thank you.


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