Friday, June 10, 2011

Traveling with kids: 7 things I won't forget to bring on our next trip

I'm crazy about lists, especially before I go on a trip. Still, I sometimes do manage to forget things that were on the list, or I simply forget to put things on the list (need another list for that!).

On our most recent trip in March, I also realized that now when my kids are a little bit older, I am actually able to bring some items I haven't bothered to put in my hand luggage for a while.

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1. A neck pillow - This used to be a must-bring item for me, until I had kids. Then I stopped bringing it in my hand luggage because I never had a chance to use it. However, as I discovered on our most recent family vacation, times have changed. 

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2. A book - This is another item I stopped bringing with me on the plane after I had kids since I never had time to read anyway. But these days it seems that the kids are big enough, and the movies on their screens are interesting enough, that reading a book is a real possibility. Maybe I'll bring R.R. Martin's A Game of Thrones. I'm already hooked on the TV-series based on it, so why not!

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3. Hand moisturizer - For some strange reason I forgot to bring this item with me in my hand luggage on our latest trip. It was awful. Since I clean my hands obsessively with hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes when we're traveling, they do get pretty dry.

Definitely bringing it this time: something travel-sized and an unscented (my son will complain if anything "smells funny"). 

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4. A notebook - I need a notepad so that I can jot down all the crazy writing-ideas and travel-ideas I sometimes get while in that half-delirious state of sleep-deprived wakefulness on a long flight. I can also use it to play some of those old-school games with my kids.

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5. My laptop - I'm almost afraid to admit it in this day and age, but I've never brought my laptop on a flight before. Two big reasons: 1) I didn't use to have room in my hand luggage for it, but now that my kids carry a lot of their own stuff, I figure I can swing it. 2) I worry about the extra hassle when going through security, but this time I think I'll just suck it up and bring it anyway.

Time to investigate airport wi-fi! Also time to get a sleeve for it to protect it from some of the lumps and bumps of air-travel.
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6. Kids' audio-books - My kids have not been very interested in their mp3 players, but I'm giving it another shot. They're a little older, and I'll make an effort to find some stories they should be interested in.

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7. A real airplane book - I'm still looking for the perfect one. I want it to be kind of geared to kids, but also be fact-based and full of images and diagrams of what an airplane looks like inside. I have several airplane and airport books, but this time I want something a little more non-fiction, and written for kids that are a little older.

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