Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Traveling with kids: using that Halloween candy

Right now, the day after Halloween, there is a rather insane amount of candy in my house. Tiny little packages of Smarties, mini chocolate bars, lollipops, small pouches of gummies... If your kids went trick or treating, you know what I'm talking about.

After removing all the candy I know the kids will not eat, I usually let them gorge on the remaining candy for a few days. This year I am also considering giving some away, and I will also be squirrelling away some treats to use on our next trip by plane (coming up around Christmas time).

Mini-sized Halloween treats can make great treats on flights. They're small, they're already packaged, and can be easily brought along in a pocket of your hand luggage. I'm thinking that some lollipops, some miniature packages of Smarties, and a few pouches of gummies will definitely make an appearance on our next trip.

Obviously, I don't want my kids to spend the whole flight eating candy, but the mini-goodies can make a nice "dessert", a part of a snack, or just be given as a treat to pass the time in a long lineup at the airport.

Using the Halloween candies will be cheaper than buying candy at the airport, and it's another way to make use of the Halloween bounty without having the kids overdose on sugar right after trick or treating. I might even save a few of the Coffee Crisp bars for myself...


  1. What A clever idea!! I think I'll stash some awaay for our Christmas travels too :)

  2. Thank you. :) Need to do something with all of it! Still feel like I'm wading through tootsie rolls...


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