Friday, February 17, 2012

Photographic memories: Maui with kids

It's been a cold, wet day here on Canada's west coast, and I find myself really, really thinking about warm, sandy places. Like Maui for example. Our trip there in 2009 was one of the best trips I've ever gone on, anywhere, and I would love to go back: the sooner the better!

Here are some of my family's photographic memories from that holiday.

Baby Beach, aka Pu'unoa beach, just outside Lahaina. This was a great beach to take the kids, who were then 6 and 2 years old. My daughter also loved gathering fallen coconuts under the palm trees. On a day of low-tide, we could even see exposed coral in the shallows here!

 Maui Ocean Center, Maui's aquarium. A great spot for a family outing with some spectacular underwater displays. The kids really loved to see all the coral and the sharks!

DT Fleming Beach Park was my favorite beach on the trip. Good facilities (bathrooms, picnic tables, and showers), but not overrun by tourists. Lots of sea-life on the rocks and in the water (I swam with a turtle here). Some nice waves too for bigger kids and adults!

A view and a plate at Mala Ocean Tavern, just outside central Lahaina. Spectacular setting, friendly atmosphere, and fantastic food! Out on the deck, you're sitting right above the water: watch out for splashing waves!

Wildlife! We loved snorkelling to meet the tropical fish, like the Picasso fish above. My kids' favorite critter was "Pooda" one of the big snails that crept by in the shade of our condo every morning.

The Iao Valley made for a really nice family outing. An easy, accessible hiking trail climbs up next to the river to a spot where you can take a picture of the Iao Needle. Beautiful landscape here, and also some informative signs about Hawaiian agriculture and history.

The Haleakala summit. Driving up to the top of the volcano was another great family outing, even though the kids didn't quite appreciate it as much as the adults. They felt a little queasy, maybe from the elevation, or maybe just from the winding road up the mountain. Amazing scenery however.

Our condo at Kaanapali Royal. This was a fantastic place to stay, with all the amenities we needed inside, and a nice pool outside. Wouldn't mind going back there!

The Sugarcane Train. This old-school steam train travels the rails between Lahaina and Kaanapali. The ride is a great way to see some island scenery, and the kids really loved it (especially my train-crazy son!).

Fresh fruit. We had a lot of good eats on Maui, but the fresh fruit really stands out. Fresh mango, seen here growing in abundance on the trees, papaya, avocado, and absolutely delicious pineapple. I highly recommend buying the ripe, boxed pineapples at the airport and taking some of Maui home with you.

The Maui Tropical Plantation offers a guided tour aboard an express tram. Our guide on the tour was full of entertaining information about farming, trees, plants, how to wear a Hawaiian flower in your hair, and how to open a coconut, and much more.

Our trip on Reefdancer, a glass-bottom boat, gave the kids a chance to see some underwater life up close and personal. Divers went in and brought up various kinds of sea-life to the windows, but the best moment was when this turtle swam right by us and went under the boat.


  1. Love this post! When we go to Maui _ want to print it out :)
    Thanks for all the great info

  2. It's such an amazing place. When we were there my husband looks at me and goes: "Why don't we live here?" LOL!

  3. ahhh..... pictures sure are beautiful. Haven't made it to Maui or even Hawaii yet, but perhaps when the kids are bit older!

  4. Thank you! And yes, it's a great place. :)


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