Wednesday, March 14, 2012

15 things on my family's Spring Break wish-list

Spring break starts next week where we live, and the kids are already quite excited about it even though only my son, who is the oldest, is actually in school. My daughter will have a break from preschool, and that counts for her!

Here's a list of 15 things we want to do for Spring Break that the kids helped me put together:

1. Go to Vancouver Aquarium
This is always somewhere near the top of any things-I-want-to-do list my kids put together. Right now, the Aquarium has a new exhibit called "Babies", all about baby aquatic critters, so I think we're definitely going for a visit.

2. Visit Science World
Science World, and our SkyTrain ride there, is also one of my kids' top-rated destinations. With the dinosaur exhibit, and all the other new features, it's worth a return visit.

3. Take the SeaBus
This is the public transit ferry that runs between downtown Vancouver and North Vancouver. We usually take the SkyTrain down to the final station in Gastown, then hop on the SeaBus to Lonsdale Quay and hang out there for a snack and a look at the view across the water. Not a bad day to spend a day!

4. Hang out at Vancouver International Airport
This is another favorite for my kids: watching the planes from the Public Observation Area at Vancouver International Airport's domestic terminal. The most fun way to get there (and avoid paying for parking, which is very expensive) is hitching a ride on the good old SkyTrain.

5. Go for a swim at the pool
Depending on how we're feeling, we'll either go swimming at our local pool, or at the nearby wave pool in Newton.

6. Do some work in the garden
I put this on the list, not the kids, though they usually have fun with it too. I'll try to get some spring cleanup and ground preparation done in the backyard while they either help me, or jump on the trampoline.

7. Head to a playground
Hopefully we'll get some sunny days, or at least rain-less days, for some playground playtime. Three of the kids' favorite playgrounds are Garden City Park in Richmond, at Centennial Beach in Tsawwassen, and Redwood Park in Surrey.

8. Walk around the Reifel Bird Sanctuary
This is a great place for a walk and some bird watching. It's located on Westham Island in Ladner, and this time of year we might even get to see some hawks and eagles.

9. Hike in Lynn Canyon
The trails here make for a nice, kid-friendly hike, with the added bonus of getting to cross the suspension bridge!

10. Have a playdate
Inviting some friends over for some fun, outside or inside, or heading over to someone's house for a visit and some play is always a great way to spend the day.

11. See the animals at Maplewood Farm
This farm is such a fun place to take the kids: petting the goats, watching the cow get milked, feeding the rabbits, maybe have a picnic lunch. 

12. Visit Granville Island
This is one of my family's favorite places to go. Usually we go for a walk around the island, maybe a stop for ice cream, and then do some fruit and vegetable shopping before heading home.

13. Get some beach-time
Some of our usual beach-hangouts are Crescent Beach, Centennial Beach, and Spanish Banks.

14. See a movie at the cheap theatre
Taking the kids to a movie at the regular theatre is getting so expensive it's not worth the trouble. However, taking them to our local cheap-seat cinema is definitely doable.

15. Baking!
Muffins, cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies and bread are on the to-bake list!


  1. Sounds like a good list to me!!!

  2. Thanks Colleen! Hopefully we'll spend some of the days with you guys! :)

  3. Thank you for some more ideas...let see we went to Empire theatre $2 matinee today, had friends over already and looking like we'll be having a sleepover tonite, went to the ecology centre/Lynn Canyon, made muffins, rode the Seabus and hiked around the Cleveland Dam/Capilano Fish Hatchery already...but would love to do the Art Gallery, Science Word, Maplewood Farm...and more playdates and baking...

  4. Busy! But sounds like lots of fun too. :) Thank you for reading and commenting!

  5. Hej Maria
    Jag blir sugen på att hänga med på samtliga excursioner.
    Kram Pappa


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