Monday, April 2, 2012

5 very special parenting blogs to follow

April 2nd, 2012 is UN's Autism Awareness Day. April is also Autism Awareness month. I don't have a child with autism, but my son does have some special needs, and some of his challenges are similar to some of the challenges people with autism face.

I'd like to share some blogs I like to read that are written by parents who have kids with autism, or kids with other special needs. If you have kids, whether they have special needs or not, and if you want to broaden and deepen your knowledge of life and the world; if you want to challenge your preconceptions about special needs parenting, and read stories that will most certainly both teach you something new and touch your heart, these are some great places to go:
  • Love that Max - written by Ellen Seidman, a wonderful writer, blogger, and mom.
  • The adventures of not Supermom - This is a great blog, sharing the rewards, challenges and insanity of being a parent.
  • Mama Be Good - written by Brenda who blogs and writes about (and I quote): "Parenting, Shoes, Autism, Coffee, Kids, Shoes, Unschooling, Shoes."
  • Herding cats - A wonderful blog about raising kids, including a child with special needs.
  • Along came the bird - A great blog about raising kids and being a parent.

I'd also like to recommend an article via Wired Magazine, from NeuroTribes titled Autism awareness is not enough: here's how to change the world. It's a great take on the whole debate about awareness and acceptance, and it includes the viewpoints of several people with autism, something that is far too often missing from the debate on this subject.


  1. Aaw, thank you for the shoutout both here and on Twitter. XOXO

  2. Thank you for a great blog! :)

  3. Love it! Thank you for your kindness in including me.

  4. Well aren't you sweet! Thanks so much for including me in your post - and in such great company, too!

  5. Your blogs are such a great source of information, learning, and empathy. I've shared stories from all these blogs with friends many times, and I feel all of you really help overcome some common misconceptions (and just plain ignorance) about parenting and general and special needs parenting in particular.

  6. OOH..i just missed this comprehesive info for quite some time. thank you for the shoutou


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