Monday, April 30, 2012

Gear for traveling with kids: 11 useful products

Cruising the internet, and just thinking about and planning ahead for my family's trip to Sweden (again!) this summer, I find I've been looking at a lot of travel gear lately. Here are some of the items that caught my eye, and that seem like they'd be useful when traveling with kids.

1. Travel Tot's Travel Childproofing Kit
This kit contains a variety of items like plug covers, door-knob covers, and sliding door lock to help you child-proof a hotel room or other accommodation your staying in while on holiday. My kids are old enough now that I don't need it, but this would definitely have come in handy when they were younger. It's available from Amazon, or directly from Travel Tot.

2. QuickSmart 3-in-1 Travel Bassinet
This is an item I wish I'd had when I traveled with the kids when they were babies. A diaper bag, diaper change station, and bassinet all in one. It would be a great way to get your little one a place to sleep while you're on the road, or at an airport.

3. Buggy Hook for Stroller
Such a simple little thing, but so handy if you've got a bag to tote along with a stroller. If you're bringing a stroller on your trip (or even just for everyday activities when you've got the stroller), this hook that can hold a bag securely would be a great add-on.

4. Zippered Hanging Travel Mate Toiletry Kit
I love these types of hanging toiletry kits (I have one myself) because they can hang on a hook instead of taking up counter space. This one looks especially good because you can easily see what's inside. Great for any kind of kids' travel supplies since you wouldn't have to dig around inside to find things.

5. Deluxe Wonder Wheeler
This isn't so much for air-travel, as for days at the beach. I can totally see myself using this: last year I lugged our old stroller to the beach just so I wouldn't have to carry everything but that was not ideal. The Wonder Wheeler holds beach chairs, a cooler, beach umbrella, and a bunch of other stuff. I love it.

6. SteriPEN Traveler Handheld UV Water Purifier
If you're traveling anywhere the water supply might be suspect, this device could come in really handy (and save you or your kids from a case of severe stomach upset...). The SteriPen looks like a pen, you dip it in a glass or bottle, and just over a minute later that water is safe to drink.

7. LifeProof iPhone Case
I don't even have an iPhone myself (sorry!) but I still know this thing would be great for any parent traveling with their iPhone. It protects your phone from water, dust, and impact damage. There's also a similar case for other smart phones: Krusell SEaLABox.

8. Flip MinoHD Video Camera
This little thing has 8GB of memory, and you can record 2 hours of video on it. It's small, it's supposedly easy to use, and it definitely looks less intimidating to me than old-school video recorders. I've been resisting getting a video camera, but I might go for one of these.

9. Victorinox Swiss Army 8GB Secure
This is a Swiss Army tool with an 8GB flash drive. The drive contents can be password or fingerprint protected. A flash drive is always handy (I put contact information and copies of travel documents on mine when we travel), and the tools would be handy for any traveler. I especially like the scissors: my kids both hate labels in their clothes, and it would be nice to have something to cut with when I'm out and about. The blade is removable, so this tool would be allowed on planes, according to Victorinox' information.

10. Toothpaste 2 Go 
This is a really neat product: it comes with a "transfer system" that lets you put the toothpaste from your big tube at home into smaller, travel-sized tubes. Definitely useful if you want to bring toothpaste with you on a flight! It's also available on the company's website.

11. Toweligator Beach Clamp
These crocodile-shaped clamps with a flexible tail, were designed to hold your towel down safely on the beach. According to the Toweligator website, they can also be used for a variety of other purposes, like hanging swimsuits to dry, seal snack bags, or hold your glasses out of the sand. I love the look of these, and I could definitely use something to hold down our towels on the beach in summer.

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  1. I am amazed by the handheld water purifier...what a fantastic idea. Don't forget BuckleBiters! They are great travel companions too!


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