Thursday, July 2, 2015

Jet-lagged in Sweden

A couple of days ago I arrived with my kids in Sweden for our summer-visit. It's been wonderful as always, even though we are battling jet-lag: my daughter was up at in the middle of the night on the first night, and slightly later in the middle of the night on our second night. Still, we're not complaining and are trying to take the edge off the jet-lag beast with some naps: it seems to be working, and hopefully we will be "sleeping in" until 5 or 6 am in no time!

Coming over on the plane I had my first ever "blogger-fame" moment: I sat next to a lovely couple on the Reykjavik - Stockholm flight who recognized me from the website, and had been taking notes here for the trip with their 6 month old (a very charming little guy, I have to say!). Huge thanks to the lovely Swedish/Canadian couple (you know who you are!) for giving me the thrill of being recognized and appreciated! Also big thanks to my kids for behaving on that flight....

Here are some very early morning pics from our location in northern Sweden:

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