Sunday, January 16, 2011

Welcome to Traveling With Kids!

Traveling long distances by plane with young children can be a great adventure, but it is often more like a parenting endurance test than a relaxing holiday.

My main travel expertise is traveling on long-haul flights. Since my son was born in 2003, I've traveled between Vancouver, Canada and Sweden (where most of my family lives) at least once a year. And since my daughter came along in 2007, I've made the same trip with two children every year.

Here you will find my tips on how to prepare for travel, what to bring, and what to do before you leave home, as well as tips on how to pass the time at the airport, and in the air.

My travel tips are based on my own experiences and mainly geared for families with children under ten going on flights lasting over four hours. I will also be writing about some of the great, and not so great, places I've traveled to with my kids.

I hope my experiences can help make travel easier for other parents!

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