Monday, March 7, 2011

9 items for your on-board pharmacy

When I go on a flight with my kids, I always bring a small on-board pharmacy with me, stuffed into one of the clear, zip-loc'd plastic bags for liquids. Even if your own kids don't get sick, your stash of medication could help other kids on board. That happened to me last year when the little girl across the aisle started throwing up. I handed the Gravol to her parents and it did help make her feel better. Made me feel better too, actually!

If your child or you has a medical condition, you should of course bring any needed medications with you on board too. Make sure that you bring enough to tide you over in case of delays.

Here are 9 items I bring in my pharmacy bag:

1. Children's (or infants) Tylenol or other fever reducer and pain reliever
This is a really important item. If your children either get a fever or ear-ache or other ache and pain while you're traveling, this will make your trip so much easier. Bring some adult medication for yourself too, because parent can get sick as well!

2. Decongestant nasal spray 
Sinus congestion and a stuffy nose is not fun at the best of times, but if you're flying it can be absolutely excruciating. Ask a pharmacist about what products are safe and recommended for children. If you like to use products like Vick's VapoRub, then bring a small jar of that too.

3. Liquid decongestant
This can be a great help when your child (or you!) are dealing with serious congestion. Bring some and hope you don't have to use it. Again, ask a pharmacist or doctor what products are safe for kids.

4. Anti-nausea, anti-vomiting medication
Flying with an upset stomach is no fun, and if you're throwing up it's not fun at all. As with the decongestant: bring this along and hope you won't need it. These products help against nausea caused by motion sickness too, so it might be good if your child is sensitive to that.

5. Bandaids
The chance that your kids will actually need a bandaid while you're on a flight is low. The chance that they'll get a boo-boo that will magically get better with the application of a bandaid is somewhat higher.

6. Antibiotic or antiseptic ointment
This goes along with the bandaids. I have a tiny tube of antiseptic cream I bring with me on all our travels.

7. Lip balm
Chapped lips are hardly a medical emergency, but because all liquids and gels have to go into the plastic ziploc bag, this is a good item to have on the "pharma" list.

8. Allergy medication
If your child (or you) suffers from allergies, bring their allergy medication along too. And if you're going on holidays, you need to bring this anyway.

9. Hand-sanitizing gel
I use this to clean hands, and in a pinch to clean cuts and scrapes too (and no, the kids don't usually like that!).

You can read more of my tips on what to bring on board here:

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