Tuesday, April 26, 2011

8 travel-wear tips for parents

Guess I did wear shorts on our trip to Maui.
Spending hours sitting and squirming on board a long-haul flight, in cramped Economy class conditions with children isn't necessarily the most comfortable and relaxed way to travel. However, it does help if your clothes are practical and comfortable.

1. Dark colors are better than light ones
The obvious reason being that they don't show stains as much. If you spill something on dark clothing, or your kids spill something on you, it can usually be wiped off easily enough and still look presentable. I'm very much into black or dark gray t-shirts and and dark colored pants for airplane travel.

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2. Wear pants, shorts or skirts that are not too tight
This is obvious too, but it really is key to comfort on a long flight. When you're sitting down for that long, you need something that's not-too-tight around the waist and thighs and really comfy.

Jeans work great as long as you have a pair that don't pinch or squeeze you. Shorts are OK too, but I prefer long pants just because I find it more practical to be more covered up: less skin in direct contact with the seat for one (who knows how many behinds have been placed there...)

I'm not big on wearing skirts on or off the plane. It's totally a personal preference, but I just think pants are more practical. I've considered the big long maxi-type dresses occasionally, but always imagine them as being impractical in the airplane bathroom: you don't want stuff dragging in whatever is on that floor.

3. Pick materials that breathe and don't wrinkle
I like cotton. Pants and shorts made from synthetics sometimes tend to feel clingy and sweaty after sitting for long periods of time. Some of those breathable materials for exercise gear would probably be great too, and there are whole clothing lines specifically made for travelers as well. One day when I have the money I'll look into that some more!

4. Choose shoes that are easy to take off and put on
My advice: no heels. And remember that your feet will most likely feel at least half a size bigger after sitting down on a flight for several hours, so it's nice if the shoes still go on without too much effort.

5. Do wear socks
I once flew wearing sandals (I'm a bare foot kind of gal whenever it's possible) and it was a mistake. Once you take your shoes off, you have your naked toes and feet showing and it just felt exposed and somewhat unsanitary. So socks it is!

6. Women: wear your comfiest bra
Again, comfort is key so pick something that won't end up pinching and itching after a couple of hours cooped up on the plane.

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7. Wear a short-sleeved shirt with something long-sleeved over top
I like a t-shirt with a zip-up sweater over top. Sometimes planes feel cool, sometimes they get hot or warm with no relationship to the seasons. If you've got the layers and you're wearing short and long sleeves, you can usually get comfy whatever happens with the temperature on board.

8. Make sure you have some pockets
When you're traveling with kids it's always nice to have somewhere to stash stuff for yourself or the kids (Kleenex, pacifiers, toys...), and with sweater pockets or pants' pockets, it makes things a little more convenient.

For me, all this usually adds up to a favorite travel wardrobe consisting of:
  • black t-shirt
  • comfy jeans (without a belt, because it often makes the metal detector go off) - though I'm looking into maybe getting some nice yoga pants for my next trip
  • hooded, zip up sweater with pockets
  • thick-ish hiking socks that are not too tight
  • comfy lace-up walking-shoes
You can find my travel-wear tips for infants and children here.


    1. Awesome post about 8 travel-wear tips for parents. Why dark colors is better than light one?

    2. I just think it's more practical because if there are any spills (by you or your kids) then they won't show up as much on dark colors.


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