Sunday, May 29, 2011

Photographic memories: Lynn Canyon, North Vancouver, BC

Location: Lynn Canyon, North Vancouver, about three years ago. This picture was taken near a part of the river where it's easy to get down to the water's edge: even swim, if you're so inclined. (Though the water is freezy cold, even in summer.) There are lots of nice smooth rocks to collect or throw into the swift-flowing rapids, or into the shallow, calm pools at the river's edge.

What I remember most: My daughter was so little we brought the stroller on the easy hiking trail, but she was certainly big enough to huck rocks into the water!

Why we go back: We go for hikes in Lynn Canyon at least once a month. The trails are perfect for the kids, and down by the river there are boulders and logs to sit on and enjoy a snack, and maybe cool down a bit if the weather's hot. And all of it is surrounded by huge trees and the scent of pine-trees and sap and earth.

It's just a good spot to be.

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