Wednesday, November 9, 2011

11 toys for a traveling kid's wish-list

Toys that kids can bring along when traveling can make great gifts.

When I pick toys for my kids to bring on flights, I do make sure they conform to some basic rules:
  • no noisy toys
  • no toys with lots of small parts that can easily get lost
  • no toys that can make a mess (gunky crayons and the like)

Here are 11 toys that would work well for traveling kids:

1. I Spy Memory Travel Game
Ages: 4+
This game is travel-sized and even kids who can't read yet can play. If your kids are into the I Spy books, this could make a great travel-toy.

2. Alex Car Valet
Ages: 3+
A handy carrying case for a load of coloring stuff: lots of compartments for crayons, markers, paper, coloring books etc. It can be used as a tote, or as a "desk": the tote attaches to the seat-back in front (in a car or on a plane), and the front flap folds out to make a work-area.

3. Munchkin Traveling Flash Cards
Ages: babies and toddler
Colorful flash cards teaching words, shapes, numbers, letter. Compact, and easy to pack design.

4. Iplay Peek-A-Boo Bags
Ages: 3+
There are lots of different peek-a-boo bags, and each comes with a snapped-on list of everything you can find inside the bag. Kids can squish and squeeze the bag to find the items.

5. Alex Desk To Go
Ages: 3+
Another great carry-along tote for kids to bring coloring and drawing supplies on a trip. Everything from paper and crayons to erasers and pencils, can be kept inside the tote, making it easier to bring along.

6. Richard Scarry's Cars and Trucks Game
Ages: 3+
This game is about learning numbers, and the concepts "more than" and "less than". It can be played different ways depending on the age and interest of you child.

7. Crayola Dry Erase Activity Center Travel
Ages: 3+
Yes, even more drawing/coloring totes! Seriously though, this is what my kids really love doing when we're waiting for flights at an airport. They're also a great way to bring along some coloring and drawing stuff for a trip when you might be staying in a hotel, or as a guest in somebody's house.

8. Going Fishing Travel Bag
Ages: 2-5 years
Cute fishing toy with rods and fish, all fitting inside a neat little case. Very handy for travel.

9. Manhattan Toy Snuggle Pod, Sweet Pea
Ages: baby and up
A small, soft doll with its own pod to travel in. Sized right for travel, and snuggly enough to make a great cuddly toy.

10. Scribble Board Books
Ages: 3-8 years
Board books for drawing, coloring, and scribbling: the non-toxic crayons wipe off easily. Non-messy, re-usable fun for kids.

11. Melissa & Doug Deluxe Fishbowl Fill & Spill Soft Baby Toy
Ages:  6 months - 2 years
Great little bring-along toy for little ones. Each one makes a (not too noisy) sound, and has a different texture. They also have their own fishbowl to travel in. Easy to squash into your hand-luggage too.


  1. We continuously travel, and have been since Petra was two months old, so my criteria for travel toys are a little different from a family going on a two week vacation.

    1. Hi, and thank you for commenting. For sure you would require different things than on a shorter vacation! What kinds of toys do you bring?


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