Friday, November 25, 2011

Book tips for traveling and non-traveling kids

I love books, and I'm happy to say that my kids love them too. We always travel with books in our bags. The kids usually bring a couple each in their carry-ons when we fly, and there are always a few more packed into our luggage.

Because of the engine noise in the cabin, I find it difficult to read to the kids when we're flying, but books are great for passing the time at the gate while we're waiting for a flight, or for the kids to look through on their own. (My oldest is just becoming a reader, and that will change our habits some I'm sure!) Books are also a must for bedtime for both my kids, whether we're at home or away.

I use the library a lot with my kids, but we also buy books. And whatever the occasion, books do make great gifts. Here are some of my bookish reading tips and gift ideas for both traveling and non-traveling kids:

Board books
My kids had lots of favorite board books when they were younger, but two books by Eric Carle (who is a genius of the genre) were always their top picks:
They also loved many of Sandra Boynton's board books, for example:
For gift-giving, there are also some very nice board-book gift sets:

Picture books
My kids are slowly moving out of the picture book genre and into chapter books, but they still love picture books for looking through on their own, or for me to read aloud. Dr Seuss is very popular in our house, particularly:

Other favorites include:
  • Flotsam- A really amazing picture book without any text to read, just some absolutely spectacular images that tell a fantastic story all on their own. My 4-year old daughter loves this book. Highly recommended!
  • Llama Llama Red Pajama
  • The Paper Bag Princess
There are lots of nice box-sets of picture books too:

Chapter books for kids to read & for reading aloud
My kids have two clear favorites in this genre of books:
There are so many wonderful books out there that can help foster a love of reading in a child. Here are a few more titles, including some box-sets that would make great gifts:
Young adult books
My kids are not in this reading age-group yet, but in a few more years, they will be (scary thought!). There is a huge variety of wonderful books for young adult readers, in many different styles and genres. Here are some suggestions, including several great box-sets:


  1. Thanks for all the great book ideas- We plan to get our girls lots of books this year for Christmas :)
    Oh and I'm dying to read Hunger Games too!!

  2. I've got quite a reading list for myself by now: want to read Hunger Games, and also Game of Thrones. And a bunch of other books as well. AND get the kids some good reads for Christmas too! (Maybe I need another bookcase!)

  3. My son has really enjoyed Diary of a Wimpy Kid books, but he LOVES this! He has been carrying it around and writing in daily in the month since we got it. It's the perfect combination of more cartoons to read, fill-in-the-blanks, and space to start his own journal (thanks for not calling it "diary", Mom).


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