Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fun with kids around Vancouver: Centennial Beach, Tsawwassen

When my kids get to pick an outdoor activity, it usually comes down to either a hike in the woods, going to a playground, or heading to the beach. The brilliant thing about Centennial Beach in Tsawwassen's Boundary Bay, is that it combines a fantastic playground with a great beach, and throws in some nice walking trails to top it all off.

Washing rocks in the ocean.
I love this beach. When the weather is good, I can just sit there and watch the view and the water, the kids, the clouds, the kites, the dogs, and the birds, and it's a perfect day. Nothing else needed, except maybe some sun-screen and a towel to wipe off wet feet and legs.

Treasures on a log.
This is a great beach for beach-combing too: lots of pretty rocks and shells, twisted drift-wood, sea-weed, dead crabs and more to pick up or just study up close (we don't bring dead crabs home!). We often walk along the water's edge, or along the trails next to the beach: in late summer there are lots and lots of blackberries to munch on here as an added attraction.

Right now the water is too cold to go in and enjoy it (at least for me), but in summer we do go swimming here. The water is shallow a long way out, almost to the point that it's difficult for adults to submerge themselves if the tide's out, so it's very safe for small children.

The playground is a big draw here for sure: I'd rate it as one of the best in the Vancouver area. It's big, and there's a good variety of swings, slides and climbing equipment for the kids to explore

For those looking to spend a full day here there are picnic tables, fire-pits, and a concession selling the usual fast food, drinks and snacks. Right now, a new building is being constructed right next to the playground and once finished, it will house a new concession stand, change rooms and washrooms. Can't wait for that, because the old building is getting very run-down.

In short, if you're looking for a grand day out with your kids around Vancouver, this place is awesome. There's plenty of free parking, and the only thing to watch out for is that it's often windy: bring an extra sweater or jacket for everyone so nobody gets cold!

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