Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Guest-blogging at Peregrine Adventures

My guest-blog "Flying with kids: 5 must-bring items" is up right now over at Latitude, the Peregrine Adventures blog. Guest-blogging is a thrill. It's a lot of fun to share my ideas and tips on my own blog, and doing it on another site feels pretty special. Huge thanks to Peregrine for having me over!

Peregrine Adventures is a great site for family-travel, and they feature some truly amazing photos from all over the world, enough to induce travel-fever in anyone. Head over and have a look!


  1. Peregrine Adventures is one of the best site for travel with family and friend. I think i would have gone for New Zealand and for adventure. I am really very glad after read here.

  2. It's a great site for sure! Every time I go there I feel like planning a trip! :)

  3. This blog is very well and it has many helpful information. this blog is a great for family-travel. I am happy to find your popular way of writing.Thank you for sharing with us.


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