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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Gift ideas for traveling parents

The gift-giving season of the year is almost upon us, and I'm already lost in my to-do lists and to-buy lists. Just to add to that list-madness, here's a list of some useful, interesting, and even cool gifts for traveling parents (whether they travel with or without their children):

A great shirt to travel in 
A comfortable, easy to wear, easy to clean shirt is a great thing to have on a trip. This one by Ex-Officio fits the bill for me: I'd probably get the black one. It's wrinkle resistant and quick-drying, and it looks pretty great too.

Vapur Element collapsible water bottle
I prefer carrying my own water bottle, rather than having to buy them when we're traveling or just out and about at home. These collapsible water bottles look like a great idea, especially for air-travel: easy to pack and bring along.

Flybags - TSA Compliant Toiletry Bag
This is a great gift-idea for frequently flying parents: a reusable, clear pouch for toiletries and any other liquids you bring in your hand-luggage. A ziploc bag works too, but reusable is definitely a plus, and this one includes three travel-sized bottles, an eyemask and earplugs.

GorillaPod flexible tripod 
This handy little gadget would really make taking pictures a little easier on your trip, and would definitely make it easier to take photos with the whole family. Most tripods are rather bulky, but this one seems lightweight and easy to pack.

LifeProof case for iPhone
I don't personally have an iPhone, but it seems like everyone else in the world does, and this case seems just the thing for traveling parents: it's light-weight, water- and dust-proof and actually allows you to take photos under water with your phone.

USBCELL AA Rechargable Batteries 
We use a lot of rechargeable batteries at our house for all sorts of toys and gadgets, but I'd never really thought of an easy way to bring rechargeables on trips. These batteries charge up using a USB connection, and then work just like regular batteries. Pretty handy, and would make a great stocking-stuffer.

A waterproof camera 
Many times I wish my camera was waterproof, and this Sony camera would definitely do the trick. It's a 18.2 MP, water- and dust-proof, and can be used easily without fiddling with too many knobs: my kind of camera!

A portable luggage scale
I really love portable luggage scales, and this one is extra nifty. This one has a digital display that changes from blue to red if your luggage is over the limit. Definitely a very useful item to have these days, when so many airlines will charge you extra for extra weight in your luggage.

Eagle Creek Afar Backpack 
Laptop friendly travel-backpacks are great as hand-luggage for traveling parents: the backpack frees up your hands, and the special laptop compartment holds and protects your laptop, tablet or other computer-ish device. This one from Eagle Creek looks great and has interior pockets for your phone, and other electronics. Lots of other pockets

Water-powered clock
This clock looks like a great travel and camping gadget. It doesn't need batteries, but runs of the energy generated by regular water. All you do is fill it up, and it works. Would love to try this one out!

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