Thursday, April 24, 2014

We have a new family member... but he won't be traveling by air anytime soon!

Jake the Dog.
A couple of weeks ago, my family got a little bigger and a lot furrier. This little guy, a lab mix (meaning labrador and golden retriever, with suspected border collie somewhere in there too), joined us and has been changing our lives overnight.

He's 10 weeks old, he has a lovely temperament, but he is a puppy. My kids love him (though my son is still getting used to occasional barking and puppy teeth), and our house is now littered with dog toys, dog treats, dog blankets, dog towels, and a big dog bed.

And no, he won't be coming with us on an airplane anytime soon, though he is getting used to traveling by car. Good thing we have a dog-friendly relative who can look after him when we're away!

Welcome to the family, Jake the Dog!


  1. Jake is gorgeous! I'm sure he will be very happy with you

  2. I love animals. Especially dogs. I am very close to my dog​​, but yet I can not take him with me on trips. He's anxiously waiting at home every time I leave!


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