Monday, December 22, 2014

Travel gear that makes packing & travel easier

Packing my bags for travel is an activity that is both a lot of fun, since it means I'm getting ready for a trip; but also stressful, since it is sometimes hard to know what to pack and how to pack it.

Here are some items that will make packing your bags easier and hopefully help you avoid luggage-related problems.

1. Inflatable travel bags
I just saw these bags when I visited the travel store Wanderlust in Vancouver. They are reusable and inflate to protect whatever you put inside them. Perfect if you're packing some bottles of wine or perfume, or even fragile items like porcelain or glass.

2. Luggage tags
Luggage tags are a must: they might help you get your bags back if they get lost on the way, and they also make it easier to identify your suitcases when they come out on the conveyor belt at the airport!

3. Luggage scale
These days it can really cost you if your luggage is over the allowed weight-limit, so a luggage scale can come in very, very handy.

4. A protective sleeve for your tablet / e-reader / etc.
When you're stuffing your tablet, laptop, e-reader, or other electronic device into your hand-luggage it's a good idea if it's protected by a padded sleeve of some kind. There are many different sizes and styles for everything from cell-phones to laptops.

5. Jewelry organizer
Packing your jewelry can be a bit of a chore, and usually the items end up somehow tangled or disorganized at your destination. A nice jewelry roll or organizer can really help.

6. Water-proof laundry bag
I always bring an empty plastic bag in my hand-luggage, just in case I have to stash dirty or wet clothes during our trip. However, one of these reusable, water-proof bags would look a lot nicer and the "reusable" part is also a real plus.

7. TSA compliant toiletry bag for your hand-luggage
Refillable and reusable containers for your creams and liquids, and they all fit into a clear plastic pouch: no more messy ziploc bags! Definitely an item that will make packing for air-travel easier on you.

8. Diaper-change pad
If you're traveling by plane with a baby, a diaper-change pad and pouch to hold some wipes can really be a life saver in a cramped and not-very-clean airplane-bathroom. Pick something that folds up small enough to fit easily in your hand-luggage.

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