Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Vancouver Aquarium - renovated and still a favourite!

The Vancouver Aquarium has been one of my kids' favourite local destinations since they were babies. My husband and I have had memberships for so many years I don't even know how long it's been, and if I ask my kids on a day off school where they'd like to go, chances are the Aquarium will be mentioned.

Over the last few years, the Aquarium has undergone some major renovations and construction work is still ongoing, though a lot of the facility has now been revealed in its new glory.

There's a new entrance area with a gorgeous display of the Earth, an expanded gift shop, and a brand new cafeteria (still haven't tried that out, since we mostly bring our own snacks for the visit).

Favourite things to do for my children include:

The Pacific octopus habitat.
- Watching the Pacific octopus in its habitat - sometimes this creature is hiding, but often its out and about with all its glorious arms and suckers on display.

- Walking through the tropically warm rainforest exhibit: my kids just LOVE the big parrots, the tortoises, the black and white rays, and the sloth (occasionally visible up in the rafters).

- Observing the sea lions in the outdoor pool: this master swimmer with the big, loud growly voice is always a big hit with the kids. Its mustache is almost as impressive as its vocals...

- Eating a snack next to the dolphins - we usually head downstairs to watch the dolphins in the viewing gallery, and the kids like to eat their snacks while seated in the recessed windows there. It's a gorgeous spot with a small play area right next to it.

Dancing with sea otters.
- Watching the sea otters swim and swim and swim and ... swim! These critters are stars at the Vancouver Aquarium: they've got charm, superb swimming skills, fluffy fur and the cutest faces. What's not to love?

Butterflies in the rainforest exhibit.

That's just a few things my kids enjoy at the Aquarium. And then of course there's the sharks, and the belugas, and not to be forgotten: the gift shop! (I always have to hold on rather tightly to my wallet as we exit through the aisles of that gift shop...)

The re-built plaza outside Vancouver Aquarium, featuring the famous Orca-sculpture.
The Vancouver Aquarium is a busy spot, especially on holidays and weekends, but there is a good reason for that: it's a place that provides a lot of educational fun and hands-on exhibits and activities for kids. It's also located in Vancouver's beautiful Stanley Park, so if you're visiting the city, it's a great spot for an excursion.

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