Tuesday, May 12, 2015

10 things my kids love about Sweden

Around this time of year my kids usually start dreaming about our annual summer-trip to Sweden. We've been traveling from Vancouver, Canada to Skellefteå, Sweden pretty much every summer since they were babies.

Even though they don't really look forward to the actual journey itself - we usually end up with 3 flights and about 20 hours total travel-time when all is said and done - they do love going to Sweden. Why? Well, here (in no particular order) are 10 things they love about Sweden:

The boat

Both my kids, but especially my son, are absolutely in love with my parents' motor-boat. Can't say that I blame them!

The beach

The small beach right outside my parents' cabin where we stay in the summers is a little bit of heaven on earth. Sand, water, rocks, sun. What more do you need?

Photo via Wikimedia.

Picking blueberries in the woods

We are usually lucky enough to be around for at least some of the summer crop of wild blueberries. The kids love heading into the wood with a pail (and mosquito repellent all over!) to pick the berries.

Piggelin popsicles

My daughter is obsessed with these green popsicles (flavour: tutti-frutti). It's a classic popsicle in a country that is pretty obsessed with ice-cream and popsicles: Piggelin has been around since 1972!

Leos Lekland

This indoor adventure playground with slides, trampolines, and all kinds of other games is a favourite with my kids. It's especially good for rainy days, or if we're visiting in the winter instead of the summer.

Gröna Lund

This huge amusement park in Stockholm was a big hit with my kids last summer. Read all about our visit here.


This old-time farm located in the interior of the county of Västerbotten is a lovely place to visit in summer. There are farm animals, old farm buildings, a small café, home-baked traditional bread for sale (if you're lucky), and best of all (according to my kids): kittens!

The baked goods

Visiting a "konditori", Swedish for patisserie or bakeshop, is a must if you're in Sweden. My kids love picking a treat from the shelves and trays filled with cakes, cookies, and glorious pastries. Lilla Mari in Skellefteå is a great "konditori" to visit if you happen to be in town.

View from Hotel Kung Carl in Stockholm.

 "Staying in a hotel"

We don't always stay in a hotel when we're visiting Sweden, but occasionally we do spend a night or two before heading home in a hotel in Stockholm. My kids seem to think this is a pretty cool thing. Buffet breakfast, and strange new beds with strange new bedding: awesome, right? Read about our stay at Hotel Kung Carl.

Mormor and morfar

Hanging out with grandma and grandpa are of course the biggest reason why my kids love Sweden. It tops my list, too.

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